Is the GOP dead? or just really sleepy?

Part 2

It’s just a little over a week, and the buzzards are already circling the corpse, if you listen to the legacy media that is. And to make matters worse, some bright genius in the McCain Camp thought it would be a good idea to start running down Sarah Palin by spreading a load of fertilizer, better known as B.S..

There seems to be a little ‘sour grapes’ within the ranks of the McCain faithfuls. Pity, just another lame attempt in a long line of lame attempts to be relevant, or some kind of insidious plot to fracture the Party even more. Either way, this  behavior does the Party no good at all. But it does bring into question, where was this snarky attitude on the Campaign Trail. I guess it is Okay to be respectful to your opponent, and have a no holds barred policy towards your running mate.


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