Is the GOP dead? or just really sleepy?

The Republican Executive Leadership

Part I

Is is time to get the coroner? One only has to look at the pitiful  performance of the Republican Party over the last decade to see that there is a serious problem here. Some would argue that the Republican Party is already dead. Others would argue that the Party has moved so far to the left, it’s indistinguishable from the opposition party. And of course, we have the fringe that claim it’s all some sort of ‘neocon’ conspiracy for one world government.

The real answer is quite simple, the Party Leadership has been taken over by Chimps. Yes Chimps, what else could explain how we, as a Party, nominated the worst Republican candidate in history. Okay, I applaud John McCain’s heroism, and his military service. But his record on the hill is far from being a stalwart conservative one.

Yes, I think Chimps is a reasonable assumption. You see, hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil decided they would give the opposition a pass, ignore the Party base, and refuse to stand up for the principles of the Party Platform. And when things did not go their way, in typical Chimp fashion, they began to throw their own feces around.

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