Why is Bill Maher such a looser

billmaherYou would think since ‘his’ party is in control of the Oval Office, and both Houses of Congress, Bill Maher would be in “high cotton”. Not the case, you see he’s having some ratings issues. He can’t seem to get a break, first he’s run off of cable, then on again, then off again…. Despite his party and his agenda are working their way through the legislative process, he can’t seem to rise above the fray and generate any following, other than the die hard ‘frothing at the mouth’ ultra left. Recently he made a comment on his March 27th show that should incite rage in just about anyone who has ever worn the uniform of the United States Military.

“Forget about bringing the troops home Iraq – we need to get the troops home from World War II, Can anybody tell me why in 2009, we still have more than 50,000 troops in Germany and 30,000 in Japan? At some point these people are going to have to learn to rape themselves.”

Looking on in admiration was Keith Olber’dork, another fine specimen of human excrement. So why all the rage, and hatred. I’ve been pondering this for a while, and all I can come up with is this:  Bill has “self-esteem issues”.  It may stem from the fact that he just can’t seem to get a break, no-one takes him seriously, he is having a hard time picking up women, or hookers laugh at him naked. You see my theory is that Bill must have a very small penis, minuscule in fact; we’re talking “break out the magnifying glass” small. What else could explain the angst this man has, when supposedly he should be at the top of his game. For goodness sake, Stewart Smalley is about to be a Senator. It couldn’t possibly get any better for this guy.

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