Obligatory MJ post…

micheal-jacksonI was away at camp when the news came of the death of Michael Jackson. And from what I was told, I missed endless barrage of news coverage on the matter. It’s a sad American story,  a kid that could have grown into  “National Treasure” status. Unfortunately, this story took a bizarre turn.

First of all, I was never a big fan. I only owned one album which was given to me by a distant relative. Growing up in the era of hair bands, and rock ballads, I have always been a Metal/Hard rock fan, and didn’t fall in with the Dico/Pop crowd. I will concede, his musical accomplishments speak for themself.

As for idol status here’s the problem, at some point in time we need to look past the stardom, and look at the person. From bizarre behaviour, addiction and the several accounts/settlements of inappropriate beahviour with little boys, he clearly had issues. We should not just overlook this because of his popularity.

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