Folk Tales….

ted-kennedySetting the record straight… We, as Americans, have a tough time when it comes to choosing our heroes. Such is the case with the late Ted Kennedy.

Ted Kennedy started his political career in the late 60’s, and was one of the most liberal politicians in Washington. Thankfully, he was not a very sucessfull one. Sure, he managed to get re-elected for fourty plus years, but his only legislative victory came in the form of a 70’s immigration reform act.

While he appealed to the Boston liberals, his agenda did not play very well for those of us in “fly-over” country. It was almost guaranteed, if Ted authored any type of legislation, groups and people would come out of the wood work to oppose it. Not to mention his failed Presidential run where he failed to beat a very unpopular Jimmy Carter. As for the title of “the lion of the senate”, I would have to say the lion had no teeth.

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