The Public Option…

imagesFirst there will be a ‘public option’, and then there won’t be one, and now there is again, what’s it gonna be? The Democrats are in a real pickle here. Of course they did it to themselves. Since floating the ‘trail balloon’ this past weekend in an effort to appease the more center and moderate of their own party, they managed to piss off the far left who feel that they are the ones that brought Obama to the dance in the first place. So the Dems are faced with the discomfort of having to face the growing numbers of angry voters in their home districts, or continue to piss of the liberal extremist from the far left fringe of their party.  Meanwhile Obama’s approval numbers continue to slide lower, despite the highly polished, and well produced farse that they attempt to call “Townhall” meetings, even stooping to be on a ‘conservative’ talk host radio program from PA has not really helped his cause. Although, I can’t see how a social progressive that believes in abortion rights could be a ‘conservative’. The only thing ‘conservative’ about Michael Smerconish is his stance on the “War on Terror”.

A new tactic emerged recently, to go along with the “if you are against the Healthcare Reform, you are a racist”, that played out two weeks ago. Now “if you are against the Healthcare Reform, you are a not a ‘good’ Christian”. I don’t seem to recall Jesus asking the Sanhedren to levy taxes to take care of all the lepers? Maybe I missed that somewhere in the New Testement. By the way, aren’t these  liberals the same people that expelled God from our schools? Banned religeous displays, well only if they are Christian ones. Well for all you Democratic healthcare do-gooders, before you complain to me about the spec in my eye, you might want to do something about that plank in yours. That comes from the Bible, maybe you should read it sometime.

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