The State of Dis-Union…

On the eve of the State of the Union address,  GALLUP released a poll that finds that there is now a 65 percent gap between Democrats’ and Republicans’ average approval ratings for Obama during his first year in office.  Compare that to 52 percent for Bill Clinton, and 45 percent for George W. Bush, and you have the largest divide in recent history. So much for those campaign promises of unifying America. The divide has everything to do with the wildly unpopular legislation like the Obama’care bill, and the failed stimulus (steal from us) package, private back room dealing in the dark of night by Reid, and Pelosi, and the complete silencing of the voices of opposition through blocking of amendments and debate.

Less than a week gone has gone by since the loss of Ted’s seat, when Obama declared  that we need to slow down on the Obama’care bill. But at tonight’s State of the Union address, he now vows to press ahead  with Obama’care, repeal the ban on ‘Open Gays’ in the military, pass a climate and jobs bill, and pursue more nuclear talks with Moscow. That does not sound like someone who claims to have heard the message from America last week. Overall, the speech was a tired retread from the campaign.

Obama has a predicament on his hands. In his first year, he accomplished nothing he promised the far left, and in the process he alienated the moderates of his party. Todays’ speech was no more that damage control  to reign in the core constituency, the extreme far left.  He has to throw them some red meat, because once he loses the extreme far left, he’s up shit creek.

You can tell how many lies were in the State of the Union address by the number of times Pelosi blinked…

Hope comes in 2010, viva the Republican Revolution

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