Battle lines…

The 2012 presidential election will not a battle between candidates, it will be a battle between two differing philosophies, Statism vs Constitutionalism.  Statism is a political philosophy that believes that it is the role of the state to manage economic, military or social goals. While Constitutionalism is a complex set of ideas, attitudes, or patterns of behavior which follows the principle that the authority of government is derived from and limited by a body of fundamental laws, or in our case a Constitution.

Make no bones about it, for decades two camps have been entrenched in a battle over the the future of our great United States of America.  One camp aims to tear the fabric of this nation apart, only to rebuild it into the next great socialist state. While the other fights to preserve our great heritage, restore freedom, liberty and the promise that our children will be better off than ourselves.

What camp are you in? For me, the words of Patrick Henry ring true “Give me liberty, or give me death”. Long live the Republic!

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