Liberals: So much better than us…

We should take up the liberal mantra, no one should ever suffer. And if they do, the government should fixed it. We should not be made to ever feel inferior, have to take the blame for our own failings, and the world should be full of unicorns, and rainbows. Instead of working for the betterment of ourselves, we should concentrate on the betterment of our neighbors. It’s time for us that have had so much for so long, to stop putting ourselves first, and put the needs of the less fortunate first. And we should be tolerant of everyones views, and take them as our own even though we disagree, because we should all get along and be diverse in our thinking, feelings, and attitudes.

Too bad the liberals don’t follow their own advice. Their anointed leader, for example, still allows his own brother to live in a 10 X 10 dirt floored shack. They harp about corporate greed, but when is the last time you have ever seen one of those Hollywood leftist turn down a movie contract because they were being paid too much money, or the politician who turns down a campaign contribution because he has enough of a ‘war chest’? What about those salaries paid to the big talking news heads on the legacy media, I don’t see them giving any of their money back.

They claim tolerance, but liberals are only tolerant to things that are not a threat to them. A country united through Patriotism, is a threat to them. They survive by creating divisions of race, economy, and geography. A strong Church (the collective body of all believers) is a threat to them. Immoralityis a driving force in many areas of liberalism. Abortion on demand, and the creation of homo-sexuality as a protected class are the center-piece of the liberal agenda. A strong economy is a threat to the left. When a large enough segment of  the population obtains enough wealth that they are no longer dependant on government the left lose their power base.

The current cop of liberals, are liberals of the most dangerous sort. They cloak themselves in the common good, but they are working towards stifling our fundamental rights of free speech, and freedom of the press. They look to confiscate wealth for redistribution in the forms of ‘tax credits’ for those who don’t contribute. They work behind the scenes to ensure their power by hijacking the process by which Congressional districts are drawn . This nefarious gang are no more than communist and Marxist.

Their tactics have been tried before, and failed. Millions of people have died at the hands of social engineering, many more that ever ever died in the name of Religion. History is a great teacher, and we can learn much from it. However, if we choose to ignore it, history has a tendency to repeat itself.