The Super Committee…

John "F'ing" Keery

It was once said of the fictional character Colonel Blake of the famed Television series M.A.S.H. “This is the seat from where a thousand indecisions have been launched”. I am reminded of that line every time I hear about the “Super Committee”.

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (aka Super Committee) is a committee comprised of 6 Democrats, and 6 Republicans, and has been meeting since August. The goal of this committee is to make meaningful reforms to reduce the national deficit. To date, no meaningful legislation has come from this body.

The Republicans continue to come to the table with proposals, but the Democrats refuse to compromise. They would rather increase revenues during an economic crisis, than solve the real problems, spending.

Meanwhile, Senator Kerry continues to give us the finger by promoting class warfare and refusing to extend the Bush tax cuts.

The real problem here is not revenue but spending. We need a balanced budget amendment.

Tax Day Tea Party…


Or as the legacy media says, rubbing elbows with extremist. Look CNN its more than just a handful of extremist. And Janet Napolitano, I’m the conservative right wing, pro-life, smaller government, states rights constitution loving, pro second amendment extremist that Homeland Security warned you about, and I vote! And its not like attending a Tea Party is going to increase my chances of being put on a DHS watch list, I run a conservative BLOG, I’m probably already on it.

I got there about ninety minutes before everything got started. To my surprise, there were about 500 people already there, and they continued to keep filing in. When  I left at about 6:30, there were 5000 people who had signed in, and miles and miles of people still stuck in traffic trying to get in. All in all, I’d say this was a success.

One of tonight’s speakers was none other than Kevin Brady, who was met with a mixed reaction, and the occasional heckle and jeers during his speech. Brady was one of the Texas delegation that buckled under the pressure of the Republican Whip and voted for the first round of tarp money. Too his credit, he did face the heat from the morning show radio guys I listen to and their callers. Also in attendance with a table at the very front of the gathering was the guy looking to take his job, Tyler Russell. Tyler is a young guy, an Air Force Academy grad. I picked up one of his cards. At first glance, a respectable conservative platform. Then I saw it, “Bring the troops home from Iraq & focus on those who attacked the United States on 9/11” Disappointing… a Rontard.

All in all it was a good time, a well planned event that seemed to go off without a hitch. Now I really want to get a set of those Revolutionary era flags.