Weekly stupid…

D._L._HughleyOK.. so it was on Maher, I know low hanging fruit. But I just happenned to turn on the tube just in time to see tonight’s guest, D. L. Hughely, say that there were no drugs, killings, or homeless people in Los Angeles before Reagan cut the social programs when he was President. I guess Hughely never heard of the Manson family, you know that group of drug addled, homeless murderers who went on a killing spree in 1968. They killed seven people.

And before you lefties point it out, yes Reagan was Governor at the time, he took office in 1967. The few accomplishments he made during his first term was to freeze State hiring, and raise taxes to try and balance the budget. (Anyone else see a pattern here). The homeless, hippies, and druggies have been around in California long before Reagan. And Californian’s have been killing each other since before the Gold Rush.

Excessive ‘nanny state’ social programs will never work, they always wind up ballooning up, and out of control. Just look to California’s current budget crisis for your proof.

So for making unfounded and illinformed statements, D. L. Hughely is our idiot of the week.  Really, he should stick to doing what he knows best, stand up.