The Family Guy strikes again…

Just one day after the POTUS makes his plea to bring some civility back to Washington DC, the Presidential spokes’mouth and talking head Robert “The Family Guy” Gibbs takes yet another cheap shot at Sarah Palin.

“I wrote a few things down.” The list read in vertical order – eggs, milk, bread [which had been crossed out]. “And then I wrote down ‘hope and change’, just in case I forgot,” – Robert “The Family Guy” Gibbs

The comment was an apparent stab at a photo taken of Mrs. Palin during a weekend rally where she referred to the POTUS as “a charismatic guy with a teleprompter”.

If the Dem’s are getting this nervous about Palin this far away from the 2012 Election, I’m buying stock in ‘Depends’ what’s their ticker symbol…

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