In the belly of the beast… no really…

imagesWell here I am… its a Friday afternoon and I’m travelling on business. We wrapped up the training class today at about 11:30, and my colleagues have already left on their way back to their homes in the Houston area. Meanwhile, here I sit in the most liberal city in the State of Texas, Austin. And to top that off, I am sitting in one of the most liberal bastions there could ever possibly be, a Starbucks.

Well, I could be sitting across the street at the HEB, but they don’t have internet access. So here I sit in an Austin Starbucks waiting for the Troop to roll through and pick me up on their way to our camp out at Pedernales Falls. OK, they call it Internet access, but you have to pay AT&T almost 4 bucks to use it for two hours… and it’s slooooooooooooooooow.

I roll though here routinely on several weekends throughout the year on my way to here and there camping with the Troop, but I have not been this way since the election. The landscape that used to be littered with Obama and Rontard signs, is now pretty pristine. And there are certainly less Obama stickers on cars here than I expected to see, while at home I see them all the time. However, there’s still a big Rontard sign just outside of Brenham.

So here I sit, surrounded by liberals, the typical Austin hippie crowd, quietly typing my thoughts on a conservative blog, with that feeling every child gets stealing that cooike out of the cookie jar when no-one is looking.

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