John McCain v. Jimmy Carter…

mccainIn a cage match fight to the death, John McCain would obliterate former POTUS Jimmy Carter by the second round if not the first. But for John McCain to come out and call Jimmy Carter “the worst President ever” on a recent Micheal Medved show, is a lot like the “pot calling the kettle black”. Of course its true, Jimmy Carter is the worst President ever, well until now, but the jury is still out on that one.

I put a lot of the blame about where the Republican Party is these days squarely on the shoulders of one man. And that man is John McCain. Sure, I voted for him (not in the primary) but what real choice did I have? Obama? or that crackpot jack ass from Lake Jackson Ron Paul?  John McCain is repsonsible for about 80% of our current problems in the Republican Party, the rest belongs to now Fox contributor Carl “tiny dancer” Rove. There’s plenty of blame to go around, , the lemmings that fell right in step with their counterparts on the left on the tarp bailouts did not help their case out either. But still the majority of the problem belongs to John McCain, he owns it.

We are never going to get anywhere as a party anymore with out principled men of conviction, willing to stand their ground, and do what is right, no pun intended. Men like Representatives Ted Poe, John Culberson, and Texas State Senator Dan Patrick.

John McCain represents all that is weak about the Republican Party. Pandering and platitudes do not win elections.

So John, the next time you decide to throow a stone, you might want to do it from the back yard, instead of the “glass house”…

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