Civil discourse?

I thought the “left” was the party of civil discourse. It’s the evil Republicans that are supposed to be the “mean sprited ones”. Enter Joy Behar, “I’d like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here, bitch! .. Come to New York and do it! …¬†She’s going to hell, this bitch!”. These words came out of Joy Behar’s mouth this week on ABC’s TheView. The “bitch” in questions is none other than Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle, who is running to take Harry Reid’s seat. It seems Joy took issues with one of Sharron Angle’s ads with took aim at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s support for illegal immigration. Hmm, I guess there a lot of illegals in the Bronx Joy?

Even if Sharron Angle was a ‘bitch”, which she is not, one could consider Joy’s comments to the effect to be nothing more than the “pot calling the kettle black”. To her credit, Sharron sent Joy flowers, to which Joy called her a “bitch” once again. Nice, real classy Joy! (insert Emily Litella clip here) Bitch!

I can’t remember the last time I have watched ABC, but I know when the next time will be… never. Ole Walt Disney must be spinning in his cyrogenic tomb. Yes the company that gives us Mickey Mouse, is the same one that gives us ABC and The View. of the four major networks, you can count on one thing, ABC will be in last place.