Is that Barry White I hear?

Well if it’s not, it should be, and while we’re at it, throw in some scented candles to accompany the “nudey pics” and the fondling. Where is this happening, at your local airport of course. In spite of our Constitutional guarantees that prohibit unreasonable search and seizure, the TSA has unveiled their new “nudey” X-Ray and  enhanced search techniques. No warrant, no judge, no kidding. For those of you in Lake Jackson, the actual text of the fourth amendment is this:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Coming to an airport new you, the package check. No, not the carry on or checked baggage, your package. If you decline to take your “nudey” X-Ray picture, and you still want to fly, then Paul Blart the mall cop is going to “touch your junk”.  But instead of searching people who might fight the profile of a terrorist, like any sane nation would, we decide to feel up a three year old little girl, her teddy, or Grand Ma in her wheel chair. This is just pathetic, and it really ticks me off. Enough is enough….

Now, I have been known to not be a big fan of the king pin of all Rontards, Ron Paul himself, but I always give credit where credit is due. Congressman Ron Paul introduced legislation today that would make the TSA agents just as culpable of taking nude pictures and feeling people up without their consent. You know,  the same things we would to 5 – 10 years hard time (no pun intended, well maybe). Now I could really get behind that legislation,even if it’s the only meaningful legislation he has come up with in 20 some odd years. (what, I’m still gonna get my dig in there).

I don’t ever do this, but I have some homework for you… write your Congressman and your Senators, and demand they put a stop to the new TSA procedures. Your son or daughter could be the next unwitting victim of Paul Blart the TSA mall cop.

California, the new Massachusetts…

Californian’s  managed to defeat one dope, but they elected to return 3 more to office. In a 60/40 split, California rejected the Legal Marijuana referendum,  and then neglected to block Pelosi, and Boxer from returning to Congress and sent Brown to the Governor’s mansion.

On side note, Massachusetts sent Barney Frank back the the House… tragic!

Meanwhile California is hemorrhaging money, has record unemployment, and people are fleeing the State in droves, I would have though two savvy business women to be the solution to their problems. You know, women who have had had to meet a payroll, deal with the bottom line, and grow the value of their business. Innovative women with real world experience…

I guess California decided to stick their hand out, instead of fixing their own problems. Shameful!

Lessons not learned…

After a resounding defeat in last nights mid-terms elections, it’s still status quo for the left wingers. Losing the House and a filibuster proof Senate, the Democrats still don’t get it….

“Last night’s election was a perfect political storm born out of the understandable frustration felt by the American people in response to high unemployment caused by the worst financial crash since the Great Depression, The record amount of secret money spend by right-wing outside groups turned this political storm into a category 3 hurricane.” – Rep. Chris Van Hollen, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Wow, really… Hey Chris, just for your information, the Dems out-raised the Republicans this year by almost a quarter billion dollars, it’s public knowledge look it up.

Even with the swing of power, I don’t expect anything different  from the the “left wingers”…

“But I think that the legislation introduced by my counterpart, Mitch McConnell, where you extend everything indefinitely, that’s a road to a $4 trillion addition to the debt that we have, and that won’t happen,” – Harry Reid

Meaning the Senate will fight tooth and nail to keep the Bush tax cuts from being extended…

And of course it’s been two  long years now, but we are still blaming Bush…

And while speaking to a crowd of volunteers in Washington, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “We’re not going back to failed policies‎ of the past, we are fighting for the middleclass”.

Yep, it’s Bush’s fault… oh wait who spent more in his first two months in office than Bush did  during an entire term? Oh, that was the current sitting Congress and the POTUS, Democrats!

On the bright side, we might not be able to reverse all the bad legislation of the past two years, but we can certainly de-fund it!