The ‘New Front’ on the War on Terror…

In a letter to Google in the wake of the recently discovered bomb plot in New York City, Joe Lieberman urges the search giant to place a flag or button on all of it’s blog and video blog websites that users can use to report “terrorist” activity to the authorities.

In September 2008, in response to a previous request that YouTube not allow terrorist content on its servers, Google changed its YouTube Community Guidelines to expressly ban terrorist content. In November 2010, Google introduced a “flag” button for terrorist content on YouTube. I continue to appreciate and commend these important first steps but I am disappointed that Google has not developed a consistent standard throughout its many platforms. Unlike YouTube’s Community Standards, Blogger’s Content Policy does not expressly ban terrorist content nor does it provide a “flag” feature for such content.

In anticipation of future legislation requiring blog to be equipped with these reporting mechanisms, we at the Conservative-View, have added such a feature to our website. Being from the south, a hunter, a Christian, a conservative and a member of the Tea Party, I believe homeland security already believes that I am a threat, (Article).

Just doing our part to combat terrorism!