On Gun Control and Gun Violence

The latest school shooting is yet another horrific and tragic event being spun up and exploited by the Legacy Media and Anti-Gun lobby. As I stated, this is a tragic and horrifying event, and by this post my intent is to not make light of any of that fact. I have no comprehension of pain and suffering brought on to survivors of a tragedy such as this. Our prayers go out to all those involved.

There is ‘evil’ in this world and no amount of gun control will ever solve the problem. Limit the access to guns, and bad actors will just use something else. This is a complicated issue that requires careful consideration and not knee jerk reactions. This is made even more difficult by our society’s total immersion into TV and social media which gives these shooters the notoriety they desire, and spin up the anti-gun lobby to a frenzy that makes rational conversation on the topic almost impossible. No to mention, this type of coverage taints the jury pool and makes things even more difficult for prosecutors.

There are some measures that can be taken :

  • Stricter access to schools.
  • More cooperation between law enforcement agencies whether inter or intra (which I can’t believe is still an issue in this day and age).
  • The media complex needs take away the “notoriety” of these crimes, instead of focusing on ratings and viewership, by taking a more responsible and ethical stance on the news reporting of these kinds of events (we don’t need the all day marathon coverage).
  • Further research into what drives shooters and the signs our educators need to be on guard for, along with more active counseling and more counselors in our schools.
  • Finally, diligence.

As with this shooter, a lot of these bad actors seek the notoriety of being a school shooter. To this aim, they will give tells, if not just out right telling their classmates or friends of their future intent. In situations such as these, as a society, we need to be more diligent about reporting it. Even though I cringe at the words “See something, Say something”, it is the appropriate action. The libertarian side of me cringes at the thought, taken too far it leads to things like the “gulag”.

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