On Gun Control and Gun Violence

The latest school shooting is yet another horrific and tragic event being spun up and exploited by the Legacy Media and Anti-Gun lobby. As I stated, this is a tragic and horrifying event, and by this post my intent is to not make light of any of that fact. I have no comprehension of pain and suffering brought on to survivors of a tragedy such as this. Our prayers go out to all those involved.

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Be your way?

BURGER_KING-PROUD_WHOPPERBe your way is the new slogan for Burger King, and to go with it, the rainbow wrapped “Proud Whopper”. This special whopper will be sold at a single San Francisco  store for a limited time. The wrapper features the classic gay pride rainbow along with the phrase “we are all the same inside” on the inside of the wrapper. It is interesting to me that a prominent burger chain would decide to chime in on this debate in such a public manner. But this move certainly answers some questions about previous ad campaigns.

bkkI guess when it comes to the occasional trip through the drive-thru, as for me and my house, we’re going to Chick-fil-A.

Third Party?

2359886816_429242105v6_225x225_Front_padToSquare_true_xlargeI’ve typically been one to support changing the Republican Party from the inside. Sadly, I no longer think that this is possible. The establishment leaders currently in charge, are too entrenched to be moved, and too stupid to be left in charge.

It’s time to move on. It is time for the Tea Party movement to unify, and go forward. Not as alternative candidates in a Republican primary, but as an alternative to Republicans in general…

One word says it all…

King of the Demagogues
douche bag   slang   \ˈdüsh\ \ˈbag also ˈbāg\

  1. : an individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears
  2. : see Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

“One of the things in sequester is we cut back in training and maintenance. That’s the way sequester was written, it’s just not appropriate, Mr. President, that our military can’t train and do the maintenance necessary. These men and women were Marines who were training there in Hawthorne, and with the sequester, it’s going to cut this stuff back.”

Well there you have it, the “King of the Demagogues” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried his best to find a way to link the tragedy in Hawthorne with the budget cuts brought on by the sequester. The political opportunist Sen. Reid purposely politicized the tragedy, just another incident of “never let a good tragedy go to waste”. Rahm Emanuel would be proud!

Never mind the fact that Marine Corps officials stated that the exercise was planned well in advance, had nothing to do with the budget cuts and that there were no corners cut. They added  “if they couldn’t afford to have all the safety precautions into place, they wouldn’t have done the exercise”. To insinuate that the Marines cut corners because of the sequester is irresponsible. Furthermore, Col. Chris Hughes, deputy director of U.S. Marine Corps Public Affairs, said in a statement:

“The comments are unsubstantiated and certainly do not reflect the Marine Corps’ position on this matter.”

Another Marine Corps official in reply to Reid’s comments stated that he considers this nothing but pure political posturing on the backs of these dead Marines.