Another steaming pile of Maher…

The Democrats are always the first to whine about name calling. They are constantly getting their “panties in a wad” about something. But when their completely unhinged commentators step across that line, “crickets…..”. Recently on Leno one of our faves had this to say:

“I thank the tea baggers….Any tea baggers here tonight? They’re the ones who got it passed. I’m sure they’re saying, “What are you talking about, Bill? I was so against the health care bill, I marched on Washington with tea bags hanging from my hat, dressed up in my founding fathers costume with a picture of Hitler, you know, and Obama’s face on him and, you know, screaming about his birth certificate.” And America saw that and said: “What loons. We’re going with the calm black man.”

Of course that was Bill Maher.  The term “tea baggers” is a derogatory sexual term aimed at the Tea Party movement. For those of you from Lake Jackson, this is how the Urban Dictionary defines the term “tea bagging”: [Graphic]

multiple meanings. 1) one who carries large bags of packaged tea for shipment. 2) a man that squats on top of a womens face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex, known as “teabagging” 3) one who has a job or talent that is low in social status 4) a person who is unaware that they have said or done something foolish, childlike, noobish, lame, or inconvenient.

Of course Bill doesn’t stop there, he continues on:

“Oh, they’re such sore losers. Sore losers. And I’m not just talking about the gunfire. I mean, you expect that from the right wing when they lose a a political battle. Of course, the bricks through the window, the death threats on phone machine you know?” That’s all acceptable, you know? You have to throw a little tantrum when freedom, as we know it, dies because I know what it means to be a patriot, is to make sure that kids don’t get checkups.”

If you believe Bill, then all Republicans want children to go without checkups. When Rush Limbaugh stated he wished Obama would fail (i.e. his socialist agenda), he was lambasted on all sides. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, the current targets of Democratic ire, are constantly criticized by the left often calling them divisive and accusing them of demagoguery. But when Maher makes statements like these about Sarah Palin,

“John McCain told how he once carried a brain-dead woman through an entire campaign.”

“Thinking you can look at a babbling, barely house-broken, uneducated being and say that’s our leader doesn’t make you enlightened. It makes you a Sarah Palin supporter.”

“Sarah Palin screaming about death panels? You know what, Sarah, if we were killing off useless people, you’d be the first to know.”

How much is the life of a baby worth…

… or countless thousands. How about $726,409.00?  $726,409.00 was all it took for Bart Stupak to walk away from his principles, and vote for legislation that not only contains abortion language in the bill, it appropriates $7 billion for abortion services for the next 5 years. And, the language of the Bill was purposely written to skirt around the Hyde amendment. Plus sec 1303 has language that uses federal funds to subsidize health plans that cover abortion. Oh, but wait a sec… the POTUS promised an Executive Order to prohibit federal funding of abortion.

There is no Constitutional provision or statute that explicitly permits Executive Orders, and Congress at any time may overturn an executive order by passing legislation in conflict with it or by refusing to approve funding to enforce the Executive Order.

Well done Mr Stupak, you held out for a worthless compromise. And I sure that $726,409.00 grant for rural airport renovations is just coincidental too…

On standing on principle,  Stupak told the Catholic News Agency on March 26th “The health care reform bill would have passed the House without the votes of Rep. Bart Stupak’s pro-life Democrats because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “always carries a number of votes in her pocket.”

Hmm, the votes are there already… and… I cold vote my conscience… … … what’s behind door number 3 Bob?

The Family Guy strikes again…

Just one day after the POTUS makes his plea to bring some civility back to Washington DC, the Presidential spokes’mouth and talking head Robert “The Family Guy” Gibbs takes yet another cheap shot at Sarah Palin.

“I wrote a few things down.” The list read in vertical order – eggs, milk, bread [which had been crossed out]. “And then I wrote down ‘hope and change’, just in case I forgot,” – Robert “The Family Guy” Gibbs

The comment was an apparent stab at a photo taken of Mrs. Palin during a weekend rally where she referred to the POTUS as “a charismatic guy with a teleprompter”.

If the Dem’s are getting this nervous about Palin this far away from the 2012 Election, I’m buying stock in ‘Depends’ what’s their ticker symbol…

In the belly of the beast… no really…

imagesWell here I am… its a Friday afternoon and I’m travelling on business. We wrapped up the training class today at about 11:30, and my colleagues have already left on their way back to their homes in the Houston area. Meanwhile, here I sit in the most liberal city in the State of Texas, Austin. And to top that off, I am sitting in one of the most liberal bastions there could ever possibly be, a Starbucks.

Well, I could be sitting across the street at the HEB, but they don’t have internet access. So here I sit in an Austin Starbucks waiting for the Troop to roll through and pick me up on their way to our camp out at Pedernales Falls. OK, they call it Internet access, but you have to pay AT&T almost 4 bucks to use it for two hours… and it’s slooooooooooooooooow.

I roll though here routinely on several weekends throughout the year on my way to here and there camping with the Troop, but I have not been this way since the election. The landscape that used to be littered with Obama and Rontard signs, is now pretty pristine. And there are certainly less Obama stickers on cars here than I expected to see, while at home I see them all the time. However, there’s still a big Rontard sign just outside of Brenham.

So here I sit, surrounded by liberals, the typical Austin hippie crowd, quietly typing my thoughts on a conservative blog, with that feeling every child gets stealing that cooike out of the cookie jar when no-one is looking.

Ratboy strikes again…


Henry aka Ratboy Waxman and his denizen of leftist rats in the Energy and Commerce Committee have take time away from their Cap and Trade bill to kill the American energy industry to embark on another round of demonizing the insurance industry this week. Letters were sent out to all the major carriers demanding salary, bonus, stock options, stock sales, incentives, pensions, other forms of compensation,  total revenues, net income, and dividend payments for the years 2003 to 2008. The letters are signed Henry Waxman and Bart Stupak with cc’s to Joe Barton, and Greg Walden. The letter requires that the information requested must be provided by September 14th, 2009. Of particular note, Bart Stupak, Chairman Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations title appears in the letter to add to the intimidation factor. First of all, don’t all of these company execs file Tax Returns. Most if not all of these companies are publicly traded. And if they are not, they are in the insurance industry, which is overseen by the States they operate in, and the Federal Government. I call bull shit… this is nothing more than a witch hunt, and yet another ploy by the left to try and advance their agenda against the will of the public.

Meanwhile the polls still show the majority of Americans are satisfied with their insurance companies. Henry, as usual, you are barking up the wrong tree…