The Public Option…

imagesFirst there will be a ‘public option’, and then there won’t be one, and now there is again, what’s it gonna be? The Democrats are in a real pickle here. Of course they did it to themselves. Since floating the ‘trail balloon’ this past weekend in an effort to appease the more center and moderate of their own party, they managed to piss off the far left who feel that they are the ones that brought Obama to the dance in the first place. So the Dems are faced with the discomfort of having to face the growing numbers of angry voters in their home districts, or continue to piss of the liberal extremist from the far left fringe of their party.  Meanwhile Obama’s approval numbers continue to slide lower, despite the highly polished, and well produced farse that they attempt to call “Townhall” meetings, even stooping to be on a ‘conservative’ talk host radio program from PA has not really helped his cause. Although, I can’t see how a social progressive that believes in abortion rights could be a ‘conservative’. The only thing ‘conservative’ about Michael Smerconish is his stance on the “War on Terror”.

A new tactic emerged recently, to go along with the “if you are against the Healthcare Reform, you are a racist”, that played out two weeks ago. Now “if you are against the Healthcare Reform, you are a not a ‘good’ Christian”. I don’t seem to recall Jesus asking the Sanhedren to levy taxes to take care of all the lepers? Maybe I missed that somewhere in the New Testement. By the way, aren’t these  liberals the same people that expelled God from our schools? Banned religeous displays, well only if they are Christian ones. Well for all you Democratic healthcare do-gooders, before you complain to me about the spec in my eye, you might want to do something about that plank in yours. That comes from the Bible, maybe you should read it sometime.

Weekly stupid…

D._L._HughleyOK.. so it was on Maher, I know low hanging fruit. But I just happenned to turn on the tube just in time to see tonight’s guest, D. L. Hughely, say that there were no drugs, killings, or homeless people in Los Angeles before Reagan cut the social programs when he was President. I guess Hughely never heard of the Manson family, you know that group of drug addled, homeless murderers who went on a killing spree in 1968. They killed seven people.

And before you lefties point it out, yes Reagan was Governor at the time, he took office in 1967. The few accomplishments he made during his first term was to freeze State hiring, and raise taxes to try and balance the budget. (Anyone else see a pattern here). The homeless, hippies, and druggies have been around in California long before Reagan. And Californian’s have been killing each other since before the Gold Rush.

Excessive ‘nanny state’ social programs will never work, they always wind up ballooning up, and out of control. Just look to California’s current budget crisis for your proof.

So for making unfounded and illinformed statements, D. L. Hughely is our idiot of the week.  Really, he should stick to doing what he knows best, stand up.

Resemblance anyone?

Robert "The Family Guy" GibbsOr maybe it’s just me. I was home sick today with the nasty whatever it is that is going around. So while I was laying around in my DayQuil stupor, I turned on Fox News, and there he was in all of his ignorant splendor. I got a vision of ‘Stewy’ tugging at his pants leg while a talking dog was was trying to usher him quietly out of the room. And I though to myself, “what’s the Family Guy doing on Fox news?”

But there he was, Robert Gibbs the new spokeshead for the Obama Administration, cracking jokes with the Washington Press Corps.

Does anyone else see the resemblance, or is it just me?


Welcome to the Cement Lagoon! Since the election, we have taken some time to reflect on just what our purpose is here. We thought long a hard about whether or not to continue on with the Blog or which direction we should take if we should decide to continue. For those of you that have ever read our stuff, we are hard hitting and hold nothing back. We do our best to fact check and hold our conservative representatives accountable while being as consistent as possible.

We fight for those things we hold dear. Duty to God, Duty to family, and Duty to county, for lower taxes, and limited Government, preservation of the Constitution, the sanctity of life, and the sanctity of the family, preserving U.S. jobs, growing the economy, and protecting our interests both at home and abroad.

The Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, is dead. It breathed its last breath when the Liberals in our midst took control and nominated the worst candidate in GOP history. The ‘big tent’ has fallen on us, and we will either climb out from underneath it, or be suffocated by the sheer weight of it. Yes, we fell in with the McCain crowd, but it was only after we were given no other choices. And needless to say, none of us were very happy about having to throw our lot in with everyone else that supported McCain.

So where do we go from here? We soldier on… we continue our fight to wrestle control of our Party away from the liberal wing and back into the hands of the conservative again. It may require we start a brand new Party dedicated to preserving the values that we hold dear.

We are the Republican conservatives in captivity, and we promise to continue to be bold, determined, unwavering, and unapologetic for each and every stance we take.

May God continue to bless America.